I'm Average.

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So I started watching Bates Motel and this is my reaction to literally everything the mother does:

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"More Jesus."

Being surrounded by people who constantly have to disagree with whatever you say, make you feel unwanted, and that your thoughts don’t matter is probably one of the most awful experiences in the world.

I pray for my heart to be filled with the joy of Jesus and peace. Patience. Give me kindness, Lord! Let me reflect You and Your heart and nothing else. He must increase, I must decrease. 

Oh my gosh I’m dying! 
Behave Yourself Jesus


Serving Christ is not about a moment in the future, but about where we are right now. Sometimes the hardest place to serve God is where we are right now, because there’s nothing particularly epic or exciting about it.

Sometimes the idea of serving God in a foreign land sounds much more thrilling than serving Him in our jobs as baristas or retail workers. However, we need to remember that everything we do is an opportunity to serve God. Honoring God is not just about the job that we have, but also about the way we do that job.


- Rebekah Bell // Your Job Is More Important Than You Think (via hannahcompton)

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